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Meanings of Asian Wedding Symbols

Asiatic ceremonies are full of intricate metaphor and customs. Here is a look at some of the most well-known Asian bride symbols and their meanings, from the double joy symbol that appears on every wedding invitation to the jujube fruits.

One of the most common Chinese wedding symbols is the Double Delight symbol (, shuangxi). This combines two standard characters for happiness and is often used in wedding decorations. You can also find the symbol printed on Chinese wedding invitations and red envelopes. The Double Delight symbol symbolizes love, luck and fortune for the happy couple.

The dragon and raptor are another well-liked mark. The bride and groom, between, are represented by growth and durability by these magical animals. They can either be embroidered on the bride’s robes or incorporated as marital hair’s headpiece.

Lotus flowers are a typical decorative arrangement for an Asiatic bridal. In Chinese society turkish mailorder brides, the flowers bloom symbolizes cleanliness, longevity, and pride. It’s frequently found in ceremony gate styles and as a part of the lehenga sashaying. Roses, flowers, and flowers are other types of blooms.

At an Eastern marriage, prosperity images are even a common sight. On the food stand, jujube fruit, pecans, and longans are frequently used. Jujube fruits are frequently given to people hoping for an earlier son because the term” jujube” sounds similar to the word “early” in Chinese.

The pear is another significant example of money. Since the phrase”pears” in Chinese means “longlife,” it is frequently used to desire the few long life and good health. Due to its nutritional price, the plum furthermore serves as a symbol of wellbeing. It’s a well-liked bride gift for parents and grandparents who want their children to grow up well.


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